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My name is LaVera, and I am the founder of Verbaje Natural Skin Care Products, which was established in 1991 in Tracy, California. The company was named in honor of my mother, Verba, along with her middle initial, "J", thus combining to form the name "Verbaje". At a young age, she introduced me to the fascinating world of fragrances.  In my eyes, she always smelled amazing!  Little did I know that the world of fragrances, natural oils, and scents would have a great impact on my life.

In my early adult years, I was involved in a car accident, suffering from extensive soft tissue and nerve damage which required me to have weekly massage therapies.  At the time, I was making potpourri, refresher oils, and other fragrant crafts. My massage therapist asked me to purchase some natural oils for use during my treatments. The use of the oils intrigued me, so I began doing extensive research to find out more about the healing power of essential oils. My studies revealed that oils had the potential of healing me faster and greatly improving my health, which excited me into action.

I was so impressed with the massage therapies and the benefits that I received from using natural oils that I began attending massage classes, aromatherapy, and spa therapy workshops myself. In the early 1990's, as aromatherapy use became popular in the U.S., I received the opportunity to study under a French Therapist that was holding workshops in San Francisco, CA, during that time. I loved every minute of it, paying careful attention in each course. I learned the many ways in which aromatherapy is used to improve mental and physical health. I was also taught how to develop various blends for use on individual clients. 

In the late 1990s, I began working in various Chiropractor's offices as a California certified Massage Therapist. I started by using my personal aromatherapy blends as part of their treatments.  As we discussed their health needs, I began to make custom blends for them to use in their massage treatments. The results were amazing! My clients still request their personal blends to this day.

Rather quickly, I started receiving monthly requests from clients, family, friends, and others to purchase my blends. I began selling these blends in the form of natural product soap products.  In their excitement, they began to tell others about the benefits of using my products. Even though I have moved to another part of the country, my business has continued to grow steadily. From word of mouth and some advertising, I have been able to gain new clients from other parts of the U.S., which has caused me to expand my business. Through the creation of this website, I am overjoyed and pleased to offer my precious blends to you!

My body bars are intentionally made in small batches to ensure that each bar is made with the same ingredients, attention, and love which ensures that you will receive the same quality product every single time. If you have any further questions about Verbaje products or would like to make suggestions with regards to new scents or ingredients, please feel free to email me or follow me on social media for the latest updates.


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